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    Solved I changed ADSL setting to VDSL2

    So this is kinda a long story.. but i'm gonna get right to the point. I got scheduled a technician to come out butthe soonest they couldget onetop my houseis Monday. So started to mess with settings on my modem. Well i went to the broadband settings page and changed "adsl-adsl2+bonded" to...
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    Solved Can a ADSL router access cable connection

    I am going to get an ADSL router but I have cable, will I be able to connect my router to cable to get WiFi
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    help with Wifi QOS setup

    as the title says i'm struggling to setup the Quality of Service feature on my Comtrend jazztel ar-5387un wireless ADSL2+router (the full product name), connecting to the router shows this dialog : and the actual QOS page looks like this : now actually i have no clue how this works...
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    Loss of internet connectivity

    My rabbit chewed through my ADSL cable and when I replaced the cable it is now saying I dont have internet connectivity. During this time my roommate and I pushed the reset button on the actual router so we have attempted numerous times to set up the wifi router again, but all attempts have...