1. K

    AIO and mb compatibility

    hello I am looking to buy an AIO pump my current MB is a ASUS M5A78L-M Plus/USB3 and every AIO I've seen need a fan pump and this one does not have a fan pump header I think im not sure. are there any aio that are compatible with this mb?
  2. V

    Mouse Stutter and right clicking on it's own

    Hi all, So i have an Inspiron 3477 AIO, Intel Core i5, win 10. I have a problem with the mouse, several times it will right click alone on the desktop and leaving a box on the upper right corner of the desktop. Sometimes it opens the right click menu. Many times it won't allow me to use the...
  3. A

    Adding External GPU to my H Envy AIO 27 Inch

    I want to add an external GPU to my HP ENVY AIO 27 Inch which has thunderbolt 3. what are my best options.. and is it even possible ?
  4. D

    3 to 4 pin watercooler

    Hi! I just bought a coolermaster lite 240 for my custom build. When I was installing the Watercooler I saw that my AIO was a 4 pin and my CM watercooler has a 3 pin, but the fans both have a 4 pin. Is there any cable I could use or a special kind of method. I have a ASUS ROG strix z270H...
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    Hello. Attached is a pic of the display on my AIO desktop. I really not sure why it's like that. Isit monitor problem or graphics card? I did try to attach my ps4 to the AIO via hdmi. It still displaying the purplish defect. Sooooo isit safe to say that the display has malfunction?? And...