1. crcook84

    Google Maps Alternative

    Now, before any of you misunderstand where this is going, I am aware of OSM. I happen to be very active in the OSM community. If anything, I am looking for an online map that allows me to save favorite places on a map. Google Maps used to make this relatively easy to do. But, the favorites...
  2. I

    Connecting Ethernet only computer to internet with a modem

    Hey, I've looked everywhere.. But all the content is really old and is only valid for older systems.. To save myself buying a wireless PCI-E card I want to use an old modem to connect my desktop which has Ethernet only capability to the internet. Hopefully by connecting the computer to the...
  3. B

    Adobe Premiere Elements Alternative

    I have just switched to Ubuntu Linux and i'm looking for alternative for adobe premere elements