1. crcook84

    Big Tech Lawsuits from 2020

    Does anyone know if there is a website keeping an eye on a number of lawsuits against Big Tech? I've been able to document up to 8 lawsuits having been files between October 20th and December 17th. The defendants in these lawsuits include the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission...
  2. T

    Live View not streaming my camera at

    This problem occurred suddenly after Thanksgiving and I've been trying to correct it since, without success. The problem: When I go to I cannot view the cameras in "Live View". Live View is the option that live streams my personal cameras. The camera view is black with a...
  3. kajtibvb

    Can this steal your Credit card information from Amazon?

    Hi, my son really wanted to buy a PS5 for christmas so he searched up a download for a bot on YouTube. This bot would allow him to refresh the page and order the producht when available. I'm worried about this, because we have all our credit card Information on Amazon and this bot doesn't seem...
  4. J

    I feel sketched out

    Ok, I bought a used desktop off amazon. Windows 10 pro. Intel core i5-2400. 8gb ram.64 bit operating system. Weird thing is when I first booted it up, it already had a user named 'Admin'- I didn't get to set it up myself I found that very weird so I tried to reset it, to wipe and reinstall...
  5. H

    Max-Q GPU

    A bit off topic here, but does anyone know if it's legal to omit "Max-Q design" in an Amazon listing? Asking because I received one, am not happy and would love to know what I can do about it. Thanks.
  6. I

    DoS Attack: STORM From Amazon IPs?

    I keep getting DoS Attack: STORM entries in my router log coming from three Amazon IP addresses located in Ashburn, Virginia-,, and These happen every couple days, and I always change my WiFi name and password when I notice them. Is there any...
  7. A

    verification in Amazon to get into account, and for kindle

    I am going crazy. Every time, I try to do something in Amazon, it requires me to get a code from its "verification service". For example when I try to log in to my Prime account to buy something, or when I try to get into an eBook in in the bookshelf of Kindle. It happens 10 times a day. Phone...
  8. E

    New Amazon Assistant Removal

    Hi, I have looked through a few forums on removing the Amazon Assistant virus but I still have not removed it from my machine. I'm continuously getting the blank, white pop-up. When I went to remove the program, the "uninstall" option is greyed out and I am unable to get into the actual file...
  9. D

    Performing a TLS handshake to

    I use Firefox on a windows 7 pro 64 bit system since I'm too old to change right now. Now the problem. Until a few days ago I could go to Amazon and log-in with no problem. Then it all changed. It starts to connect and get to 'Performing a TLS handshake to' then...
  10. feebsh

    In Progress How to remove amazon assistant aa.hta?

    For a while i've noticed that i had a program installed (amazon assistant), but i couldn't seem to remove it. I didn't notice any real problems, but since today something keeps popping up called amazon assistant/aa.hta I tried to use IObit uninstaller to delete the program and it says it has...
  11. F

    ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT for only Amazon site

    Hello everyone. I'm getting an ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT message when I try to go to This happens when I use Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. This does NOT happen on my other laptop (a Dell), so I have no idea what's wrong with my current computer. I have already tried most of the...
  12. C

    Solved Amazon Kindle Account

    Hi! I am currently getting used to new software (KD Publishing Pro) that helps you make ebooks. It says you need to have an amazon kindle account. I only have a notebook. What are the steps to having an amazon kindle account? I already have an amazon account which I use for online shopping but...