1. H

    Max-Q GPU

    A bit off topic here, but does anyone know if it's legal to omit "Max-Q design" in an Amazon listing? Asking because I received one, am not happy and would love to know what I can do about it. Thanks.
  2. I

    DoS Attack: STORM From Amazon IPs?

    I keep getting DoS Attack: STORM entries in my router log coming from three Amazon IP addresses located in Ashburn, Virginia-,, and These happen every couple days, and I always change my WiFi name and password when I notice them. Is there any...
  3. A

    verification in Amazon to get into account, and for kindle

    I am going crazy. Every time, I try to do something in Amazon, it requires me to get a code from its "verification service". For example when I try to log in to my Prime account to buy something, or when I try to get into an eBook in in the bookshelf of Kindle. It happens 10 times a day. Phone...
  4. E

    New Amazon Assistant Removal

    Hi, I have looked through a few forums on removing the Amazon Assistant virus but I still have not removed it from my machine. I'm continuously getting the blank, white pop-up. When I went to remove the program, the "uninstall" option is greyed out and I am unable to get into the actual file...
  5. D

    Performing a TLS handshake to

    I use Firefox on a windows 7 pro 64 bit system since I'm too old to change right now. Now the problem. Until a few days ago I could go to Amazon and log-in with no problem. Then it all changed. It starts to connect and get to 'Performing a TLS handshake to' then...
  6. feebsh

    In Progress How to remove amazon assistant aa.hta?

    For a while i've noticed that i had a program installed (amazon assistant), but i couldn't seem to remove it. I didn't notice any real problems, but since today something keeps popping up called amazon assistant/aa.hta I tried to use IObit uninstaller to delete the program and it says it has...
  7. F

    ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT for only Amazon site

    Hello everyone. I'm getting an ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT message when I try to go to This happens when I use Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. This does NOT happen on my other laptop (a Dell), so I have no idea what's wrong with my current computer. I have already tried most of the...
  8. C

    Solved Amazon Kindle Account

    Hi! I am currently getting used to new software (KD Publishing Pro) that helps you make ebooks. It says you need to have an amazon kindle account. I only have a notebook. What are the steps to having an amazon kindle account? I already have an amazon account which I use for online shopping but...