amd apu

  1. LDAG

    Amd ryzen3 2200g vega 8 graphics issue

    so ive recently built a system using amd ryzen 3 2200g , it claims to have 2gb integrated graphics , but my system is showing only 512 mb of graphics , gaming performance is also very trash , other people are getting 250+ fps in minecraft using this same APU but here im getting only 7 - 10 fps ...
  2. TheGreatKaito

    Looking for a nice and cheap windows laptop for my uncle :)

    So these are the 2 laptops that I have finalized for my uncle[he mostly will use it for word,excel,video playback,net surfing,etc and the usual lightweight stuff]taking into account he will not require a beefy processor(and with intels leaky processors aka meltdown), I have decided to opt for 2...
  3. E

    Windows 10 Random Reboots. Is it a driver conflict?

    So I only developed this problem last night around 10:30. I will be in the middle of something and my laptop will just go to a black screen and then randomly reboot. For reference, my laptop is an HP Pavilion 15-aw057nr (ENERGY STAR). The only things Ive done as far as software changes goes is...
  4. D

    APU throttling for no reason

    Rig. Rx 480, undervolted to stop throtting at high temps. A8 A8 6600k 450w I have an amd apu that refuses to stay at a set clock speed while gaming, even if I'm using my discrete gpu the apu will throttle. Ill get an average 300-360 fps in csgo low settings then when something intensive happens...