amd drivers update problem

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    AMD driver update 18.7.1 causing blue screen during gaming?

    Hi everyone, I just recently got the Gamer Ultra CyberPowerPC pre-built (I wanted to build, but I'm not selling my last kidney)(also I know I'm super dumb for getting this at BestBuy, but I needed something cheap to keep me sane) and of course I'm having driver issues. I just play Tera and...
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    AMD CCC not launching after clean install.

    I experienced a random graphic driver crash for reasons unknown, might be a windows update or something. got no clue, anyway After the system crash, i was unable to login, i would get black screen. i then performed a clean uninstall using DDU in safe mode. Also removed amd software from control...
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    When Update AMD DRIVERS my laptop Crashes / Freezes.

    HEY EVERYONE. Today im here to ask your help cause im trying to solve this problema for like 2 weeks and i cant find any solution , i tried so many diferente things as uninstalling the graphic driver and installing the most recent amd drivers , even the old ones and nothing seems to help...