amd graphics

  1. V

    Upgrading RAM from 4GB to 12GB: Gaming Performance

    I have HP ProBook 440 G1. I have 4GB of RAM right now. Will it increase my gaming performance after upgrading it with 8GB RAM i.e. 12GB in total. Currently I'm playing Fortnite(Battle Royale) which have high rate of FPS drops. At a moment it's on 60FPS and next it will be on 5FPS. Will Upgrading...
  2. Hazeeb

    Solved Can intel graphics be better than dedicated on a laptop?

    Hey Guys,so i bought this hp laptop(my father bought it for me actually lol ) from the store(Jarir bookstore) a couple of weeks ago,and it has both integrated and dedicated graphics(hybrid/discrete).Its not a gaming laptop but its pretty good with games released before 2016(doesnt mean it cant...