android 7.0

  1. JamesCRocks

    Outlook on Android

    Hi, I have a new Android tablet and installed Microsoft Outlook on it. With the exception of my own email account, I am unable to configure my various email addresses. The other addresses I have are off my own domains hosted by GoDaddy. This isn't a one-off event ... my mobile...
  2. mattig89ch

    Solved Can you take an image of your tablet's internal storage?

    Hello all, I'm not sure if I've asked this before or not. But I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Tablet, running Android 7.0. I would like to find out if its possible to take a backup image of the tablets currently running OS (& files) to something like a VHD file. The exact extension doesn't matter...
  3. D

    Internet connected but no internet access

    Hey there! My Internet via wifi on my hp laptop says connected but no internet.. This just occurred for some months and i tried some fixes but all in vain.... Then i connected my phone to use it as a tether to my laptop and it worked just fine... Now suddenly my android phone has the same...
  4. M

    Solved Phone Call Mutes When I Move Phone Away

    Hi guys, When I'm on a phone call and want to briefly check my messages, the person on the other line is muted. They can still hear me, but I can't hear them. It is only when I put the phone to my ear that I can hear them. The problem could be fixed by using speakerphone mode but even then, the...