android phone

  1. linsjean

    No longer getting Badge Notifications on any of my apps

    I have an LG Stylo 4. At one point, about 6 months ago, I was geting MORE than I wanted. I was getting 36 notificaitons on my text app and I checked it and there was nothing unread. Now, I am getting zero notificaitons on top of the apps, like texts, of emails or voicemails or facebook. I went...
  2. S

    Is Mimicr safe?

    is this app safe to use? It seems like a relatively new app. "Mimicr - Mobile Screen Sharing + Voice Chat"
  3. B

    Gallery Isnt Working Correctly on LG k10?

    Hello. Im having some issues with my phone currently. Whenever i tap the "gallery" app it doesnt show me all of my albums. Only a couple. When i tap the upper left hand arrow of the app, it's the same thing. I know for a fact I havent lost all my files because I looked through my file manager...
  4. nssatikunvar

    Solved How secure is Android ecosystem for data & privacy security?

    Few days back I suffered a malware attack during my Facebook session on desktop, a malware was able to take control of my locked Android phone's Google chrome browser to call a web page through facebook messenger. I was using windows phone since last 5 year and recently switched to Android phone...
  5. H

    Solved LinkedIn not working

    I've updated to the latest version of Linkedin but its not working. A blank screen flashes for a moment and its done. its goes off. One more thing. Can I change my MAC Address? I think someone is messing with it. Please help.. I'm using HTC One S android version 4.1.1.
  6. W

    Transcend SD card, HTC One (M8)

    Hi I'm not sure I understand the transcend SD card and its capabilities. I've formatted my 64GB SD card to transcend and only the transcend card shows up when I connect with PC. I have 46GB free space, yet often when I try to load an app, I'm getting an "insufficient space" notification...
  7. S

    Wifi won't turn on ZTE Z820

    I'm having trouble with my ZTE Z820. The wifi will not come on and when i try it just turns back off. I've tried resetting it and powering it off and I don't know what to do. Is there any way to fix this?
  8. H

    Solved How can I delete Google Contacts from my phone?

    I just switched my phone to an LG Sunset Android (my first smartphone). I synced the phone with my Google account... and realized that my phone contacts now includes every person I ever e-mailed on Gmail. I want to delete most of them, but I have not been able to figure out how to do that. I...
  9. S

    Can't adjust Thermostat from Samsung S3 android phone.

    Had "Horizon Utilities" hydro provider install "Peaksaver Thermostat" made by Honeywell. I can adjust the thermostat remotely from any computer by logging into their site, which works fine. I was disappointed to find out that I couldn't use my Samsung S3 phone to make adjustments. I phoned...
  10. H

    How to Use Mobile Phone Camera as Webcam on Windows 10 PC?

    I would like to use my android phone camera as a webcam for use on my Windows 10 desktop PC. I was hoping to use it for videochat. What would be the steps to set this up? My phone and computer both have wifi and Bluetooth. I was thinking that it might be best done using bluetooth? If you...