1. S

    Can't receive verification for code - new job pending!

    I am in a proprietary software for a new job and trying to verify my phone number. I am not getting a text or a call to verify. I am using a Samsung Android Galaxy S20+ 5G (Android ver 11). Have looked and looked and cannot find a solution. Any help appreciated.
  2. Mandates

    How to Get Rid of Email on Phone

    Recently My current phone has been destroyed so I switched to my backup phone (ZTE Android). But the thing with my backup phone is that I forgot everything because it has been 5+ years since I've even looked at it. So I factory reset my phone and all seemed to be going great until I had to sign...
  3. Chandre

    File type is wrong Google is no help this time

    Oky so first of my knowledge of programming ends at the hello world box. So I know what is on this file its a song, now the problem is I can't open it on eny thing besides one app on my friends phone it is a .mcl file nothing opens it i tried to convert it i have tried to rename it i evan tried...
  4. H

    Google Pixel (Android)- most texts not sending

    I recently upgraded my phone to a Google Pixel 4 (which runs Android). I transferred my previous SIM card/ Google account to the new phone, and the process seemed very smooth. I'm having problems texting some people with the built-in Messages app on my phone. Group texts go through fine, and I...
  5. L

    Solved Moto X4 cannot find my BT devices after factory reset

    Good morning. I had t-mobile staff do a factory reset on my Motorola X4 because my phone locked up. Using Google, the t-mobile rep went through all steps to reset my phone. I pressed "add a device" in Bluetooth settings and it went searching for devices within range. My BT headphones and BT...
  6. xthestormtrooper

    Transferring my mother's iOS data to Android

    I wonder about best practices for this. I have an zenbook that can handle gpu overclocking for transfer of files that take large compute of re-encoding but i'm struggling in search of open-source counterspyware. i was trying to calm her down but i think she needs my help stat.
  7. I

    Solved Android Auto App Missing

    Hi Last week I got a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy A41. Tonight I needed to use my sat nav app which I always use with Android Auto, but I couldn't find Android Auto so assumed I hadn't installed it. When I got home I went to the Play Store to download Android Auto and it said it was...
  8. xthestormtrooper

    [Solved] ‎'Reddit is fun' notifications only on app launch

    These notifications don't arrive unless I launch the app, has anyone stumbled upon this issue, please let me know what helped if you have, I know it's some app specific issue I have enabled sync and all as I do for all apps, this is the only app that does this
  9. xthestormtrooper

    [Solved] disabling two finger volume control on Android

    I've installed a good number of third-party apps on my Android phone some of these apps deal with customizing gesture inputs, I distinctly remember configuring these two and three finger volume / camera shortcuts in this app. Now I'm trying to disable these shortcuts and I can't remember which...
  10. henrymapper

    Wifi network selection disabled association rejection

    What should I do? If I'm trying to connect in my Xiaomi, it says just saved or disabled. I've been using this network for years and nothing like this has never happened before.
  11. M

    Android Tablet

    iv got this thing im not 100% sure but Q88 Android Tablet it came with a paper manual am sure i threw it , i left it on charge this is the screen now iv never sin it not sure what it means all tips welcome
  12. SquigleSheep

    Transfer a lot of files from phone to pc

    First off, apologies if this is in the wrong place or if there is a super obvious answer that I'm missing. My girlfriend wants to transfer all her photos and videos from her Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 8.0.0) to her computer (Windows 10). The problem is that she has about 8.8GB of images, 7.7GB...
  13. D

    Lenovo pb2 Apps partially stop working

    It's hard to explain what's going on; however I'll try my best. I received this at an old IT job I was at due to a user wanting IOS etc. After factory resetting it, the phone worked great, however after roughly 3-5 days, apps such as Instagram would stop working. At first I though maybe there...
  14. A

    Mobile control from laptop via bluetooth

    Hi, my screen on phone is broken and usb debugging is turned off so i can t get in or control it, but i forgot turn off bluetooth and now mobile is still paired and connected to laptop via bluetooth. Is there any app for it ? Because i can t find any
  15. A

    Looking for a bluetooth controller

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but i would like to purchase a bluetooth controller for my samsung galaxy a70, and I'm having trouble working out which one to purchase It needs: - remappable buttons for games that do not support a bluetooth controller - bluetooth (preferred but not...
  16. Liber8ed1

    Huawei M5lite - can't delete excel file

    Hi! :) I'm using a Huawei Mediapad M5 lite and I'm unable to delete an excel file that was saved to the device. I can see the file using the File option in Excel, but when I try deleting it I get a "Not Allowed You don't have permission to delete this file" message. (it is a read only file)...
  17. K

    Art competition help

    Hello I am a professional artist 38yrs old But no experience processing art for online Keep in mind Im doing all this from my android cell phone. Ive entered this competition several years now and every time my art I pain stakingly create is pixelated squashed/stretched and destroyed...
  18. K

    Art competition upload help

    Hello I am a professional artist 38yrs old But no experience processing art for online Keep in mind Im doing all this from my android cell phone. Ive entered this competition several years now and every time my art I pain stakingly create is pixelated squashed/stretched and destroyed...
  19. B

    Peripherals, OTG, and port adapters for Android (+others)

    Hey there, got a couple questions. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. My issue mainly pertains to android devices but have lumped other questions in as well surrounding certain topics. Feel free to move it, this is my first post here so please be gentle. There's a lot and my thoughts are...
  20. N

    Keyboard Freezing Upon CapsLock

    I've been using the same Samsung Galaxy On5 phone for years now, I've grown very accustom to it and know it in and out. For a while now, I have had problems where the keyboard would lag when switching between the capitalized letters and lowercase by clicking the arrow. I set my keyboard so it...