anniversary update

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    Cannot upgrade to Windows 10 v. 1607

    Whenever I try to upgrade to 1607 (tried it more than 10 times now), the upgrade ends unsuccessfully at, say, 93% finished with a message 'upgrade could not be completed - aborting' (not exact wording). Win 10 keeps coming back, nagging me to upgrade - to no avail. I have tried "everything"...
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    PC freezes and reboots itself constantly

    My PC has been crashing a ton lately. A lot more since I've installed the Anniverasry Update for Windows 10. It crashes differently every time-- Sometimes it freezes and reboots itself silently, sometimes it freezes to a loud buzzing noise until I manually restart the computer, sometimes it has...
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    Occasional stutter in ALL games after windows anniversary up

    Hi, as of the windows anniversary update (or that's when it started, it could be a coincidence), I've been experiencing some micro-stutter (in some games) and huge stutter in others. I have tried disabling the xbox DVR and a bunch of other anniversary fixes that such as the AHCI. I have also...