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    Computer Crashing

    Every so often, (around 2-5 times a day) my computer freezes. It's not a complete brick. I can press the windows key, and the bar pops up. I can't reset my pc or go off the tab I'm currently on. This only happens when I play games. I have to manually unplug my power cord to get my pc to work...
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    How do I obtain all my data from a slow Acer Aspire Z5710?

    I've had a Acer Aspire Z5710 since I can remember and its time to replace it, but I cannot retrieve any of my old pictures and documents. Its incredibly and painfully slow (I'm pretty sure that there are some other underlying issues too) which interfere with the transfer of my data. I've tried...
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    Solved Annoying Orange Screen of Death After unplugging laptop

    Hi, I get this annoying orange screen of death every time I unplug my laptop from the charger when it's sleeping. Does anybody know the fix for this? Thank you, Mike