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    GPU/PSU overheating?

    I have no idea what’s happening with my computer at this point. My setup: GTX 1080 ti Aorus Waterforce i7 7700k B8 Gaming MoBo 16GB Trident Z RAM 1200w PSU Ever since upgrading from a GTX 970, I’ve been losing frames, progressively over the last 3 months to the point I’ve been on 10FPS on low...
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    removed cpu accidentally while power is on (is it broken?)

    okay so here's what happened. I recently bought Gigabyte Aorus AX370 gaming 5 for my ryzen 1600x. although my build wasn't complete, I get so excited whenever a new part came.. so when my Motherboard came, I plugged it in my PSU without processor or Graphics card and so on..... and it won't...