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    Apache/Nginx port 80 requests forward to Tomcat port 8080

    Hello, I'm at a standstill on a project: I'm using a cloud-hosted (1&1.com) server running Centos 7. Nginx and Apache are both pre-installed on the server. I installed Tomcat as well. I have a Java servlet that I've deployed to Tomcat. The servlet (including the .war file and the META-INF...
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    Geoip redirect in htaccess causes loop

    Hi, I am trying to set up simple redirections to send visitors to my website to the correct country page. The Apache GeoIP module is installed and enabled. In my htaccess file I added the redirects as suggested in the documentation but just get stuck in a redirect loop when I test it...
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    Mail Server with dyndns

    Hello everybody, My name is Bojan and this is my first post. I currently have web application that is sending emails to clients via my Apache James Mail Server. The problem is i don't have static ip address anymore, now i have dynamic. I was searching online and i found a solution for that...
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    Solved Problem with Sessions.

    Recently, I have been having a problem with my sessions, and corresponding session variables. I have all of the code written below. The problem, is that, when I POST sessions1.php, the session variable seems to work, and gets carried over into sessions2.php. But, when the link to go to...