apple tv

  1. gowest

    Remove old device from YouTube "Play on TV" Cast

    Hello, I'm trying to remove a "cast" to device in YouTube. I've fully cleared my Google Chrome cache, but the old device is still showing up. Please see the photo - When I click "Play on TV" on YouTube, the "cast to" device...
  2. JeffinSF

    hacked iMac

    iMac - Sierra 10.12.5 - late 2014 - bought 10/1015 - 27" retina 5K display Had not used Apple TV for several months until last night. Found new: * my TV had message "not connected to internet" - my computer was connected * could not get past this - I was locked out * my computer asked...
  3. B

    Network profile on Apple tv

    how do I configure my Apple TV with out a mac? I'm in college and their wifi requires a profile log in and I don't know how to do that without a mac?
  4. BrightOrange

    It's gonna be a Blue, Blue Christmas

    All my Christmas music (and music library) is on an external hard drive connected via USB to my PC. For years I've been playing music wing Itunes on my computer with "Home Sharing" to my Apple TV in the living room and listening on my home theater/stereo. Since installing Windows 10 I can no...