application error

  1. Zehnsik

    Solved Sound Blaster Cinema 2 not working

    I've really gone and done it this time... Okay, so long story short: I broke SBC2. I updated my audio drivers (Long story) and I think that's why it's broken. I've tried reinstalling SBC2 but that doesn't seem to work. My audio comes through just fine, but SBC2 is definitely broken. I can tell...
  2. K

    0xc000007b Application Error on Epic Games Launcher

    Over the past few months I've been trying get Fortnite to run on my pc, but sadly with no luck. My first error with the installer of the epic games launcher was the download always getting hung up on Directx. I was able to troubleshoot this error myself by downloading the launcher on a...
  3. K

    New Application Error Preventing Applications to Open

    Here is a summary of my problem cannot open microsoft office, firefox or any other applications I get this error "The application was unable to start correctly (0x00000e5). Click OK to close the application. get error when opening computer. " Also I cannot open any downloaded files even if...