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    Solved Android Auto App Missing

    Hi Last week I got a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy A41. Tonight I needed to use my sat nav app which I always use with Android Auto, but I couldn't find Android Auto so assumed I hadn't installed it. When I got home I went to the Play Store to download Android Auto and it said it was...
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    None Of My Apps Are Working

    i removed my graphics card from my computer and now none of my apps work.errors pop up about 3d acceleration and old graphics card drivers.can someone please help me..i cant use my graphics card for some time.. processor is Amd Fx-6300
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    Looking for an anti-virus app

    Hello, I have just bought a new Samsung Galaxy A20, and I was wondering what would be a good anti-virus app for it? Your help would be appreciated.
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    Solved Appears iPhone Cannot Connect To The Internet

    I've encountered the same situation as metadebbie, none of my apps, like Twitter, YouTube, Periscope, etc. work and it's because there appears to be no Interest connection although the connection icon appears at the top of the phone screen. This happened yesterday and I had done nothing or...
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    Netflix and others won't open on my wifi

    My Netflix app on my PS4 has stopped working. Won't open at all. Error message ui-800-3. Same goes for Amazon and YouTube. My phone also can't use Youtube. In short, I am unable to stream any video on my wifi at home. This seems to be confined to my broadband wifi as I can use YouTube on my 4G...
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    Settings crashing.

    I have an LG f6 and whenever I go to settings and select "apps" it crashes. I tried factory reset and master factory reset.
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    Screen goes black for 2+ seconds

    Computer Specs: OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Education, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3 Processor Count: 8 RAM: 16319 Mb - G.Skill Ares Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, 4GB Hard Drives: C(SSD): Total - 113970 MB, Free -...
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    performed system restore and can´t use default apps

    hello I performed a system restore on my laptop and now cannot use the default apps like mail, calendar, xbox and onenote. Opening these apps will just give me an error stating that it cannot open the application and to go to the store to reinstall it. I have attempted to reinstall the apps via...
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    Help wife phone may have hidden secretes. Need to know

    Hello my wife I believe to have secrete apps that cover over others or a extra sum card. Or toggle something or other. I can access her phone for its on my account and can provide any extra info to find out if she has any devious secretes that can effect our marriage. Please help me thank you.
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    An online "Chalkboard"

    Hi, I'm a new user and I've been asked by someone to help them find a program or app online that is able to: - Allow users to write on the UI, much like you would write with a pen on paper, or with chalk on a chalkboard - Allow users to type on the UI as well, while never being restricted to...