archive data files

  1. kmajka005

    Internal Files Repository/Archive

    Hello, I am facing a problem with files storaging. I have users and I have to provide them possibility to storage created files on the server but during the upload I need from them fill some information form to collect the data to make easy access and ability to track those files in the...
  2. D

    Solved Where are the extracted files?

    I used 7zip to open up a .gz zipped/archived file. It seems like 7zip extracts and downloads the files to open it? Is that correct? If so, where are the files located? Or is it just stored somewhere temporarily and then deleted after?
  3. EBSchrader

    Deleted my archived Outlook Data Files (*pst)

    Didn't recognize this archive file as important, so I dumped it *sigh* Now every time I launch Outlook, it looks for the *pst file, then offers me a phone # for assistance (that reports it is not presently set up to accept calls). Once I get post those 2 prompts, I can still use Outlook. How can...