1. derekthecat

    Setting up a RAID 1

    I have a Promise Pegasus R4 which I'm using as an external RAID drive. It's 4 x 2TB drives being used as an 8TB array (ie saving randomly across all 4 drives). I want to set it up as 2 x 4TB drives. One which backs up to/mirrors the other. I can't make any sense of the instruction manual. Can...
  2. W

    Raid missing in windows 7

    Hello, I have (3) 2TB drives ran in RAID 5 that seems to have this disappeared in windows 7 this morning. I believe the RAID is controlled through my motherboard (ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z), using AMD RaidXpert utility. This utility shows all physical drives status as 'functional', S.M.A.R.T...
  3. D

    How to multiply an double array with a int

    How do you multiply a double array and a int? Or can it even be done. The purpose of the program is for the user to input the area code and # of minutes needed to make a call. Then the program calculates the total of the call based on the area Code selected. Here is my code so far...