1. SannieSunshine

    How to turn off 5GHz WiFi

    Hey everyone, We have new Internet thru Fidelity and they gave us an ARRIS Modem. It comes with 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi. However we use our own (WiFi, connected thru RG45) because the built in doesn't work very well. My question is how can I turn the radio signal off all together if at all possible...
  2. D

    WMM, Ethernet, VoIP, router settings

    I use VoIP to work from home. Our internet package is more than enough to support VoIP... our router is another story. My call quality is terrible. I have done everything (that I'm capable of doing without messing up the router or computer) I can find for troubleshooting. Nothing helps...
  3. J

    Belkin router not connecting online with Arris modem

    I recently purchased an Arris Surfboard SB6121 to replace my rental modem with Cox. I have registered the modem and can connect online while hardwired but my Belkin N150 will not connect to provide wifi. I've spent 2 hours dealing with Belkin and Cox but Belkin's solution was to extend my...
  4. C

    Arris sbg6580, ethernet lag, gaming plus netflix

    Hi guys, I have a Motorola arris sbg6580 modem router combo. I have a desktop pc and ps4 That I use mostly. My ps4 is used for streaming Netflix or YouTube while I game online with my pc. I also have a couple phones connected to the Wi-Fi. The ps4 an pc are usually connected by ethernet and...
  5. S

    2 Router Network, Secondary as DHCP Server?

    Hi folks, As I've said in the title, I'm looking to make a network with two routers but only having DHCP enabled on the secondary router. Before I go any further I must ask: I have an Arris GT840A (sigh) as the primary ISP required modem. I'm currently connecting via wifi and sometimes have...