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    Help with artifacts

    I have a rtx2070 gigabyte windforce My computers games have been showing artifacts and running games makes my whole computer unstable i have tried so many things to fix it, please help.
  2. B

    Grafical Bugs followed by Blue screen

    Hi All. I have a Problem and I can't figure out what the problem is. In very unconsistend intervalls I get grafical bugs like flikering screen, artifacts on screen etc. (I can provide videos of the bugs) than the next thing that happens is that the pc freezes then either it gets back to...
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    Flickering Screen

    So this has happened twice in the last two or three weeks or so, and tbh -- I am constantly in fear that it will happen again and somehow cause lasting damage to my system (the components of which I haven't had for very long I might add! Though the memory sticks and hard drives are by no means...