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    Please Help

    I understand this website is not for other electronics other than a computer. But im pretty desperate at the current moment. I have a playstation 4 and i recently took my controller to a friends house. I came back home and now my controller will not connect to my console. The controller and the...
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    Motherboard Pins Problem

    So I have a commander-msi snow edition and it has a ground pin and I don’t know where to plug it in in my Gigabyte B250M-DS3H motherboard because there simply isn’t a place to put the control according to the manual. Could anyone help with this I don’t want to waste any hardware and do I need...
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    New power supply, Computer won't boot

    The other night my power supply died on me. I have been able to trouble shoot my computer before but I am kinda stuck not sure where to go. I installed a new thermtake 650watt power supply and ditched the old one. I believe I have installed all power cables correctly. After I hooked it all...
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    New Virus Removal

    I've ran Into Problems this night on creating a watermark logo for my business to post on YouTube When making Videos. The Application Is Called Alamoon Watermark. It has created An .exe file that i cannot remove the file name is unist0000.Exe I Believe, Because I Tried Really Hard and I...