asus a555l

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    Solved Computer has become dead slow all of a sudden

    I have an Asus Notebook which I purchased in August (i3 5th Gen, 4 GB RAM, Win. 10 64 Bit) Of late, it takes forever to start. It has become quite slow. It freezes even for a right click. What could be the possible reason(s) and how do I fix it? Edit- I met with a minor road accident last week...
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    Asus a555l not booting

    Ok so I have an Asus a555la-xx378h laptop. It came built in with Windows 8 but I upgraded to Windows 10. Created a document in ms word last nothing funny shut down the laptop and when I tried to switch it on the asus logo shows for not even a second and then a lighted blackscreen. So this is...