1. M

    Windows 10 Boot issue from PC I built

    I built a pc from scratch, and it launches into the BIOS without any issues. I have checked, and all the RAM is properly seated. When I created my windows installation media and selected to boot from that Hard Disk Drive that was formatted to FAT32, it would either load to the Republic of Gamers...
  2. LynaL

    Keyboard does not work

    Hi my Asus s510u laptop's keyboard isn't working. First, my laptop couldn't turn on. I tried pressing down the power button but nothing happened and so I removed the battery and placed it back inside. My laptop now can turn on but only if my charger is plugged on. Now that my laptop is up and...
  3. DiddlySquat

    Upgrading Network Adaptor in Asus X550C

    Posted in Hardware section as well, but no response yet... Hey folks, as the title suggests, I'd like to upgrade my Wireless Adaptor, as it doesn't support Bluetooth. I only have two USB ports, so I don't want to use an external adaptor. Some folks have suggested I may run into compatibility...
  4. G

    ASUS wont boot, black screen

    Hello, I'm using an Asus notebook X550Z laptop running windows 10 and it will no longer boot. the battery is likely toast; it won’t hold a charge and I had to keep it plugged in to operate. I had no issues otherwise until one day I went to boot the laptop and it got stuck on the ASUS screen...
  5. E

    Building PC, GPU error code while using onboard graphics

    Hello there! This is my first build in several years, and some of these parts are used. PSU: new EVGA 650w 80+ rated (white version I think) MB: used ASUS Prime b350 Plus CPU: new Ryzen 7 HDD: used Seagate 1 TB HDD MEM: new 16 GB DDR4, 2666 (UDIMMS, but nothing I have researched says this is a...
  6. AustBart22

    Internal webcam not working Asus UX430UA Laptop

    Hey guys, So I'm having an issue with my internal webcam on my laptop (Asus UX430UA). Basically whenever I use the windows camera app, skype or any other video service it just shows a black screen, also a white led turns on next to the webcam when using the apps possibly indicating the webcam...
  7. M

    Asus Laptop Unable to Automatically Repair

    My laptop unexpectedly turned off today saying it had experienced some sort of error. When it restarted it took me to the BIOS utility. I turned off the computer and turned it back on and got a blue screen that says Troubleshoot or Turn off your PC. When I try the troubleshooting options I get...
  8. P

    Asus BIOS Issue

    Hello all, I am working on an ASUS x205t. It had BIOS password that I believe I was able to remove. I am walking someone through this remotely, so that makes things a little challenging. Now, when the system boots, it no longer asks for the BIOS password, but it loads directly to the BIOS...
  9. C

    Nvidia GeForce gtx 1050 And Factory reset both don't work.

    Yesterday I was trying to play a game, and it started lagging very bad, i checked to see if it was running through my NVIDIA GPU and it says it was, but on taskmanager it stayed at 0% the entire time. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the drives, I have tried to change the 3D Management...
  10. Markhz

    Laptop restarts on lid close instead of sleep?

    Hello, I've recently been having trouble with my laptop (Asus model Q302LA) shutting down when the lid is closed (or restarting when it is opened?) rather than sleeping. I have gone into sleep settings and Power Button settings, and all actions (close lid, press power button) set to "Sleep". In...
  11. Markhz

    laptop refuses to sleep, always restarts on lid close

    Hello, I've recently been having trouble with my laptop (Asus model Q302LA) shutting down when the lid is closed (or restarting when it is opened?) rather than sleeping. I have gone into sleep settings and Power Button settings, and everything is set to "Sleep". In Advanced Power Settings, I've...
  12. Doomguy

    No bootable devices found

    Have a gaming pc working fine I upgraded cpu from a ryzen 1500x to a 3600 motherboard from asrock a320 to asus tuff gaming x570 board...2 terabyte hard drive containing OS and storage. Swapped the new components added a new nvme ssd when I try to boot it says no bootable devices are found! Both...
  13. M.T.I

    BenQ GW2480 vs Asus VA24EHE vs Dell SE2419H vs LG 24MK600M

    Hi there, Want to buy a new monitor, mainly for Graphic Design (color accuracy is the first priority, sRGB, gamut ) I found these four within my budget and availability 1) Asus VA24EHE 2) BenQ GW2480 3) Dell SE2419H 4)LG 24MK600M Which one should I choose? suggest please. Thanks
  14. M

    Asus PCE-AC68 Can't pick up 5GHz wifi connection, Help!!!

    I have purchased the ASUS PCE-AC68 and it clearly says it picks up dual band wifi the 2.4 and the 5 GHz connection, but after i installed it it only picks up the 2.4 GHz connection, whereas my other devices they all can pick up the GHz connection, so clearly its not a router issue after i did...
  15. 1

    Solved Asus trouble after recent update

    My friend's laptop after updating appears to have lost sound through the speakers. With her headset in, she can hear just fine. but when she takes them out there's no sound. She said at first after the update it showed the computer as muted then suddenly it wasn't. We have no idea what the...
  16. J

    amd ryzen 5 1600 af ompatible with x570-p motherboard?

    Hello. I would lile to ask if the new ryzen 5 1600 AF cpu is compatible with asus x570-p prime motherboard?
  17. P

    “Preparing Automatic Repair” - ASUS Motherboard

    Hello, I am currently stuck with the issue that my PC won’t properly start. It either boots, goes into the “Asus - In Search of Incredible” - and does nothing, or it proceeds to show the “Preparing for automatic repair” and does nothing. I reset my UEFI BIOS Settings and that didn’t help. I am...
  18. M

    Solved Game doesn't rec. my dedicated graphics card

    HELP! Everytime I start Path of Exile thae device runs it with the low qual Intel GC and not with my GTX 1060 Nvidia. I've tried everything. Updating drivers, starting the game via Nvidia Experience (wich should have helped) even the grinding gear games (Publisher) tech support didn't help. I'm...
  19. Z

    Ami Bios usb problems

    Just bought myself a pc. Asus strix z270f Intel I5 6600k Msi gtx 970 Had to install some new fans, and got a nzxt hue+ as well. When tried to boot after i installed the hue, i heard a «bzzt» sound and the computer did not boot. Disconnected the hue and it started normally, but the mobo would...
  20. C

    Laptop webcam randomly not working

    OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Manufacturer ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. System Model X510UA System Type x64-based PC System SKU Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)...