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    Solved Having Trouble Installing an ATI AIW 8500

    I went to some effort to find a computer with an AGP slot and a legitimate copy of Windows XP Pro so that I could install an AIW All-In-Wonder card in it for video capture. It's a Dell Dimension 8250: The machine has no personal info and it's air-gapped, not on any networks; it's strictly a...
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    Need help with video card update

    Hi all I am posting a thread here as I am very unsure what to do right now. Any help is really appreciated!! (Also, apologies if this thread is posted in wrong place) I just bought this self built gaming computer from a guy as I really needed a computer. It was quite cheap for a computer, came...
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    AMD Driver crashes on Windows 10 (TDR_VIDEO_FAILURE)

    PC Specs: Radeon Software Version - 16.12.2 Radeon Software Edition - Crimson ReLive Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series Memory Size - 2048 MB Memory Type - DDR3 Core Clock - 800 MHz Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 bit) System Memory - 4 GB CPU Type - AMD Athlon(tm) II X3 435 Processor...
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    Weird colored horizontal lines and black screen crashes

    Origin of the problem: The other day I tried to play a game called Sir, You are being hunted. I got to the main menu and set graphics to max because the game didn't look very demanding. I started a new game and everything seemed to be going fine but once the loading finished and my computer...
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    Win 7, 64 and ATI Graphics Driver

    Tonight, the Action Center says there is a solution to my ATI Graphics Driver. However, the error message says that "Your computer was unable to download the solution at this time. Check to make sure your computer is connected to the Internet, and then try to download the solution again later."...