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    Storj-- Networking

    I am trying to become a node operator. I had one router connected to a modem/router and was told that this could be a problem. I now am hooked directly to the modem/router and my internet speed has doubled. However, my att modem/router is giving me a hard time when I log into the admin page...
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    Unable to access Yahoo or ATT.Net emails

    I have been unable to access my email via Yahoo or for the last 2 weeks. I have repeatedly cleared the cache and cookies, closed and reopened the browser. I have tried on Firefox and Google Chrome. I contacted AT&T which ended in them having a specialist call back in 1 to 2 business...
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    Weird Issue with PACE 4111N

    Starting about two weeks ago, my ATT provided Pace 4111N would periodically shut down my wifi acess by showing a solid red Service light. The landline phone service is not effected. The modem is plugged into a phone jack in one of the bedrooms. So when the red service light appears, I unplug...