1. R

    AT&T cordless phone screen lights up unexpectedly

    Does anyone know why the caller ID screen & backlight of the cordless phone comes on even though no call is coming through? The phone is charged and sitting in its cradle. I’ve noticed it before and thought I was imagining things, but I’m not ... Will check and record the times to see if this...
  2. W

    Storj-- Networking

    I am trying to become a node operator. I had one router connected to a modem/router and was told that this could be a problem. I now am hooked directly to the modem/router and my internet speed has doubled. However, my att modem/router is giving me a hard time when I log into the admin page...
  3. T

    How to bridge AT&T Fiber Internet with Netgear AC 2300

    I have AT&T Fiber 1000mbps for my small business that I run at my home. I have VOIP 5 office computers and all my families devices running on this WiFi. AT&T provided me with a Arris BGW210 DSL router. I have my all my office equipment directly wired into the router and I still get a speed at...
  4. bluemetal04

    Opening NAT for AT&T's LTE network?

    I occasionally like to play online games, but it gets very difficult to do so, especially on the Nintendo Switch. I use a Netgear LB1120 as the LTE modem, and a Netgear WI-FI router connected to that. Using AT&T's unlimited data, it works very well together, but the problem is that we have...
  5. M

    Open nat

    Okay so this might sound like a simple fix but, I've tried all those and it isn't so now I'm stumped, got a mofi 4500 router with an at&t sim card slotted, I have opened ports required, even tried putting the IP address in the DMZ, tried rewriting a rule to the firewall, so I think att has a...
  6. Kedit

    Outlook Downloading Spam Folder From AT&T

    I have a paid AT&T email subscription. When Outlook downloads the email, the AT&T spam folder email is downloaded together with the Inbox email. AT&T "Support" insists it's a setting in Outlook that includes the Spam folder, but won't tell me what that setting is unless I pay them a monthly fee...