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    audacity recording issue

    sir you are requested to fix this issue, as i am having problems with recording audio on audacity software. I am getting a persistent noise when ever i tap on button of recording. I am attaching a picture, which will show you an exact image of noise in right channel. This happens with all...
  2. D

    Audacity Podcast Nightmare

    Hello, Probably a multi-step answer. If those answers could be dumbed down enough that someone in their 80's could follow them as I am practically a luddite would be sweet. I purchased a Behringer Podcast Studio. I have a HP notebook (which I reckon is a POS), running Windows 10. I have hooked...
  3. J

    Sound Problems

    Hey, A while ago I installed ASIO4ALL on my computer to make some programs work with an external cable. After I finished with that I uninstaklled ASIO4ALL but afterwards programs such as Audacity and Games such as Rocksmith 2014 are not recognizing my audio input/output devices. Music and other...
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    Lame for Audacity

    This used to be easy, but I can't find a lame mp3 encoder for my Audacity 2.1.2 on my Windows 7 laptop. Can anyone give me any help on this? Thanks you Peg