audio buzz

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    Microphone not working on PC- Fan feedback

    I've recently finished building my pc (Ryzen 5 3600 + b450 Tamahawk Max) and everything went great- I uploaded all relevant drivers, updated windows etc. The only issue is when I try to plug my external microphone in, it gives me this fan feedback (I've included a recording-...
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    Computer's having hiccups

    that's the best way I can describe it really, basically what's happening is that every few seconds or so the cursor will jump, (if it's moving) and the audio will cut and buzz, or slow down and buzz. it happens constantly, only a second or so between one another, it makes watching videos...
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    Audio jacks not working

    I built a custom pc a bit of a while ago. The only thing I couldn't fix was the audio issue. Both the front and back ports (onboard) don't work and I have no idea why. My pc recognizes it when a device is plugged in, the drivers say everything is fine and the headphones work too. But all I hear...
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    Buzz in audio gear run by generator

    I help at times with a third-world church that powers its services with a 16kw SDMO generator. No grid power available here during daytime hours, so the generator is the only source we can use. Despite new audio gear, there's a distinct buzz in the sound output - enough to be distracting...
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    Computer Hangs, screen bricks, audio buzz, reset slow

    My computer suddenly hangs. The screen stops but rectangular patches of the screen turns into broken pixels. The audio creates a buzzig sound. When i cut the power and turn it on again, the screen is black. After waitig awhile. It returns to normal, but the error happens again after a few...