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    Audio Interface system setup

    Just joined this party! A general question here. I have ordered a new PC, Spec below... HP Z440 WORKSTATION PC [E5-1650v4 3.60GHZ 64GB RAM 240GB SSD 2TB QUADRO K1200 8x High Speed USB 3.0 Ports + 2x USB Ports Mid-Range Professional 3D 4GB GDDR5 PCI-E nVidia Quadro K1200 with 4x Mini...
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    Creative Sound Card - Audio Interface Help

    Creative tech support was helpful but our problem is way beyond Creative support now. We've broadcast live on the internet since 2003. We went off the air in 2014 and since then Creative COMPLETELY stopped supporting their Audigy Z28 Platinum Pro line in lieu of gaming sound cards. The Plat...
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    Solved Microphone not picking up my voice?

    I have recently purchased an AT2020 microphone along with a Scarlett 2i2 Interface. I have installed all drivers and made sure that my default mic was set to the interface. When I press record in Audacity, no sound is picked up at all. I have checked other recording programs to make sure...
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    Firework audio interface powered up by mac mini but not reco

    Hello all. I am completely new to this so please be gentle. I have recently Bought a mac mini 2012 running Sierra and along side this a presonus firestudio mobile. I bought the firestudio as it's website claims driver support for osx Sierra. When plugged in through a firewire 400 to 800...