audio problem

  1. LordBaconator

    Microphone goes tinny and underwater when game music plays

    I have always had trouble with friends not being able to hear me during games, through discord and other chat apps, and I think ive finally worked out how to reproduce it: When a game plays music, or loud sounds, my voice goes quiet and tinny. Not sure where to even start to fix it, any help...
  2. DomS

    Microphone not detected

    As short as possible: When I plug my headphone 3.5mm connector into my front panel jack, realtek audio manager asks me what I have plugged in. I select headphones. Audio plays just fine. However, no mic is detected. I cannot use the windows mic troubleshooter as there is no option to...
  3. D

    Audio Pausing and Playing - Windows 10

    Dearest Human, My laptop is currently not allowing me to play audio, when i play anything from Youtube or anywhere it keeps pausing and playing rapidly. As I work with my laptop and due to the current state of the world, the laptop is crucial for me to work. I do a bit of video editing so it...
  4. R

    Problem with Headphones on Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2in1

    every time I plug in my headphones it won’t recognize. And the music plays through the speakers. When I plug in headphones a pop up comes up saying mic in , line in , headphones / headset etc. and I press okay. And still won’t work. I realized. That when I factory reset with the headphones on it...
  5. E


    Hello people I am having issues with my mic picking up my voice in discord or even in regular game chat. My mic is normally a wireless Xbox headset but comes with a single 3.5 mm auxiliary jack, so I have it plugged into the front of my PC. I went into the playback devices settings and my mic is...
  6. E

    Huge audio trouble

    Having Audio issues I don't have a clue where to begin. All drivers up to date. Lenovo ThinkPad T400 Win 7 pro 64 bit