1. J

    Mic on PC only records audio output instead of my voice

    I've tried downloading and uninstalling drivers, messing with settings, changing mics, using different mic ports on my computer... im frustrated and i have no clue how to fix it
  2. F

    my pc wont recognise my headset. i cant find it anywhere.

    my pc wont recognise my headset. i cant find it anywhere. ive looked in device manager and there's only my monitor. all volume comes out the monitor. its not the headset because of tried it on multiple phones. i put my old headset in my pc and that wasnt recognised aswell. ive tried downloading...
  3. M

    Headphone Amp/DAC--USB"Not Enough Resources for this Device"

    I just equipped a headphone amplifier/DAC (FiiO E10K) for my hi-fi headphones (Philips SHP9500), which is connected to my desktop: [Desktop > AMP > Headphones]. I got a message from Windows saying that I don't have enough resources for the controller. It seems like I only get this message when...
  4. S

    Audio output device

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall software, I even got on drivereasy.com and updated everything and my sound still isnt working and it says no audio output device is installed. I have 3 lectures I have to listen to and complete by sunday so i really need this fixed, feel like i have done...