auto restarting

  1. D

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Recently bought a new gaming computer, it’s been completely fine for the first couple days, all of a sudden it keeps auto restarting and detecting problems, won’t let me troubleshoot anything when I go troubleshoot... I also get black screens but after a restart I get windows back for a bit then...
  2. Gjeddj

    Sudden shutdowns

    Hey. I recently bought a MSI GT72VR 7RE Dominator Pro. The computer worked fine for 3 months before it suddently started to shut off without warning. I’ve updated the EC firmware & bios. I have also cleaned the laptop from dust and re-installed windows 10. Every time I turn on my computer it...
  3. O

    Scheduled auto restart not working

    Hi, every morning my win 10 pc seems to have a hangover, everything drags. Tried many things, only a restart works. Used schedule manager to auto restart during the night, but it's not working - win is still too slow. Have wake the computer set and everything else looks good to go in scheduler...
  4. A

    Solved Help choosing the Right PSU ..

    I posted in this forum a thread that my computer is auto restarting it self while playing games and the answer i get for this problem is that i need to change the PSU now i wanted to buy a new PSU and i get a recommendation to Corsair RM850x but the problem is that i read some reviews and some...