1. J

    Automated email in excel, driven by due date

    Hi everybody, First time poster. I currently have 9 tabs open and hours of researching trying to figure this out. I can say I'm more educated now with excel than I was this morning. Very powerful software. I seen current thread that were very close to what I need but was unsuccessful with...
  2. dakotamcc

    Solved Automate Calendar to Update Excel Sheet

    Background: We have a weekly meeting that we all sit around and dish out our schedules and manually input them into a master excel sheet. This is inconvenient, time consuming, and inefficient. We would like to automate the process. What we need: Outlook Calendars (7 in total) -> Master Excel...
  3. L

    Please help me fix this "Send email when due date" script :(

    Hello and yes, another one of this. Although I know absolutely nothing of VBA, I've read about a dozen topics on the subject on techguy and other communities in an attempt to figure out something, a way to do it. I found the script that was the most likely to work in my case, analyzed it...