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    Lenovo T60 Reboots After Shutdown

    Nice to meet you I (like many others it appears) have had this problem for ages and have thoroughly researched it online. Our Lenovo T60 always reboots after shutdown. I have updated the drivers (numerous times), BIOS is up-to-date, and have unchecked the Automatic Restart after error. Any...
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    Hi my name is jered and i dont know a lot about pc and how to fix them but im am in need of some dire help see i was olaying csgo a couple days ago and then it just froze randomly it would continue to do this for 4 days strait eventully adding up to day were my computer was so slow that i...
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    fastfat.sys error in windows 10

    after update windows 10 OS, i got some error message "fastfat.sys", once the error will come it will automatically reboot. whenever i try to connect external drive it will happen. Os - Windows 10, RAM- 6 GB, hard - 1 TB, graphics- nivida 920, brand - asus notebook