automatic repair

  1. T

    my dell optiplex 9010 win10 wont boot up as it used to

    i wanted to restart it and when i booted it up again it would suddenly either take so long to load or it comes up with the message "invalid configuration information - please run setup program time of day not set, to continue press f1 key to change setup option press f2 key to run onboard...
  2. J

    Window 10 Automatic repair loop

    Hello. I got a new SSD because my old one was running out of space. So I cloned the old one onto the new one and erase the original SSD completely. I started to boot the pc using the new SSD. My PC worked for a day without any problems but once I turned on my PC the next day it wouldn't work. I...
  3. Annierl

    Solved Dell Inspiron 3542

    When I turn on my laptop it goes to Automatic repair and says Automatic repair couldn't repair ypur pc and the two options shut down and Advanced options. I've tried just about all of the advanced options and nothing is working I also did f12 diagnostics test and it said nothing was wrong. Need...
  4. A

    Automatic Repair Loop

    Hello, I am having trouble with my HP laptop. It was upgraded to Windows 10 when I received it. It's an older version so the warranty is up. It's model 15-f098nr. It's suck in an automatic repair loop. I've tried all the advanced options listed. I don't have access to another pc to boot log it...
  5. V

    HDD Issues ....

    Hey all, First off thanks so much for taking the time to read this post! So, a few days back I got a rootkit virus on my laptop somehow, and I tried to troubleshoot with MalwareBytes to remove it, and I got a message saying to restart the computer, and the system got frozen WHILE restarting...
  6. B

    Windows 10 unable to do Automatic Repair

    Hi, I've had a rather large problem with my Dell Windows 10 PC since yesterday which isn't allowing me to do anything with my computer except for turn it on, shut it down or use Advanced Options. When you turn on the computer, you are greeted with "Automatic Repair Couldn't repair your pc"...
  7. J

    Critical__Process_Died error - Windows 10

    I have a HP Envy 700 Beats with dual monitors and am getting the blue screen of death. 1. Goes to Automatic Repair screen with either Restart of Advanced Options 2. If I click restart, I get critical_process_died and it goes back to the above. I am no longer under warranty and have no clue how...
  8. T

    The "system repair" comes up but the screen after is dead?

    Ok so basically here is the rundown, i have a toshiba sattelite and when i turn it on it shows the logo and goes to automatic repair, it says restart and advanced options. If i do restart, shutdown or continue it will go to a black screen where the login credentials should be. Any helpful ideas???
  9. D

    Windows will not start

    Hi , I have a samsung laptop that is about 4 years old and u recently tried to update windows from 8.1 to 10 using the free upgrade available. All seemed to go well until the start up (which seemed to be the last part of the update) where it just shows the Samsung logo. I have tried F8, F2, F4...
  10. S

    Solved Automatic Repair Keeps Reoccuring

    My Laptop Repair randomly went into "the automatic repair loop" and for a while none of the solutions on any forums worked. Eventually one did and I gained access back to my laptop. The option which worked was the system restore. However, now the problem seems to be that the laptop will return...
  11. T

    Stuck in automatic repair loop

    I tried to launch an app today on my computer and it wouldn't launch, so I restarted and now I'm stuck in an automatic repair loop