1. Annierl

    Dell Inspiron

    When I turn on my laptop it goes to Automatic repair and says Automatic repair couldn't repair ypur pc and the two options shut down and Advanced options. I've tried just about all of the advanced options and nothing is working I also did f12 diagnostics test and it said nothing was wrong. Need...
  2. M

    Automatic Email When a Criteria is Met

    Hello Everyone, I need help to get a VBA code that allows me to send an email once an IF formula returns a TRUE statement. I have my formula on column Y (saying that if there is a machine down for over 30 minutes, an engineer should be contacted) Since there are more than one engineer, I also...
  3. Y

    Stuck in Automatic Repair loop after upgrading Dell 7559

    So, I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 7559, and decided to upgrade it with another 8GB RAM and a 120GB 850 Evo SSD. Directly after installing these, upon boot I was taken to a white screen reading: "The amount of system memory may have changed" with the options of "Continue" "BIOS Setup" and...
  4. S

    Solved Excel sending automatic email to owners near due dates

    Hi, I have a risk register which has action by dates for owners of that particular risk. I would like to set up a VBA code that automatically sends each owner an email reminder, through outlook, 5 days before the action date. One owner may have multiple risks due on the same date so I would like...