avast is evil

  1. Hipstachio

    New Avast, More like delete-stuff-without-permission-vast

    I was checking out some old photos from an SD Card on my PC, and suddenly Avast kept popping up with a tick sign saying: “Threat secured!” And I quickly checked my SD card and I couldn’t open the DCIM file!! From anger I immediately uninstalled Avast... how am I supposed to recover my files...
  2. D

    Does free Avast slow down my PC?

    It seems, over time that the free version of Avast we use purposely slow down our PCs?
  3. S

    How to Get Rid of Avast

    I have an antivirus program that was installed by CCleaner without my permission, it is called Avast, I can no get rid of it, it is in my PC, every time I try to delete all it's files, it tell me that I need a special permission to delete them, I contacted CCleaner and Avast without any success...