1. Zain246

    Computer messed up from avast

    dk if this is the right thread or not butt....Well avast has completely screwed up my laptop..to the point where even Microsoft has no idea what to do and they are getting me in contact with a lead engineer, I dowloaded their driver updater and now all of my asus software is messed up, to the...
  2. Hipstachio

    Avast, More like delete-stuff-without-permission-vast

    I was checking out some old photos from an SD Card on my PC, and suddenly Avast kept popping up with a tick sign saying: “Threat secured!” And I quickly checked my SD card and I couldn’t open the DCIM file!! From anger I immediately uninstalled Avast... how am I supposed to recover my files...
  3. S

    Problems after uninstalling Avast

    Hello, Firstly, am really not so computer literate. So here's the problem: I have a Mac. I don't have an antivirus installed because it has never been necessary after 7 years with the same device. I think an application I downloaded automatically installed Avast. I didn't choose to install it -...
  4. M

    Removed Avast Can't Get Back Win Defender

    I had Avast Antivirus on my machine, I uninstalled it and when I want to get Win Defender back it says "Your virus and threat protection is managed by your organization." There is no organization, it's just me. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows...
  5. I

    Bookmarks Bar Extension Advice

    Hi I have Windows 7 Professional & I'm using Vivaldi as my main browser, but after reading about it in Webuser magazine I've downloaded Avast Secure Browser and I'm trying to get going with it, just to see if it's any faster than Vivaldi, which, on my machine at least, can slow to a crawl and...
  6. J

    Help removing avast

    When my avast recently updated it's now stuck saying well this is embarrassing we've run into a problem and need to restart your antivirus so I select reset an it resets computer but nothing changes. There are multiple people with this problem avast released a download to fix this it does not...
  7. U

    System Restore & Connection Problems

    I'm experiencing three problems at the same time with my Windows XP, one involves System Restore, one of the problems involves a networking issue (connecting to the internet) and the other involves a web/email issue (Google account). I'm at my wit's end with these problems, so please help me...
  8. D

    Does free Avast slow down my PC?

    It seems, over time that the free version of Avast we use purposely slow down our PCs?
  9. Donut3

    Security updates/maintain security for Windows 7?

    I read that Microsoft quit updating Windows 7 last year, which explains why there have been no updates on my PC for over a year. I would like to continue receiving security updates somehow. How can I keep my Windows 7 PC secure? I have Avast and Malwarebytes, but I have not been running scans...
  10. H

    Is getting avast or sophos for my mobile a good idea?

    I have been using KIS on my smartphone for 3 years now, never flagged anything as I am pretty cautious, but it still feels good to know there is something behind me if anything wrong goes unnoticed. My friend uses the freeware version of avast security[which has most of the essential components...
  11. K

    New I dont know if i have a virus

    I recently wanted to download something from mediafire but accidently pressed a fake out download ad button and downloaded some malaware. I got addmitidly terrified and restarted my PC. I did not have malwarebytes or avast when i downloaded the malware so i went to the control panel and...
  12. P

    Solved Url:mal virus is getting detected again and again.

    Hi all, My avast antivirus keeps detecting a infection called url:mal and i'm not able to fix it.. please help.
  13. F

    Error 25004 after installing Avast

    I installed free avast last night but it seems there was an issue as i had mcafee in there somewhere. now when i try to open a word document etc i get a ''preparing to install'' message then the error 25004 which is giving me a minor breakdown. I successfully removed avast using this...
  14. Farmgirl22

    Paid version of Avast sucks, what would be better?

    Our desktop is a work/play computer that we installed Avast on thinking that it would be better than a "free" program, and I have had the free avast in the past and thought it worked OK (yeah, this has been a few years ago), so when we thought about getting a paid program we went with it...
  15. G

    Solved No internet connection after restart (& other things)

    Alright, this is a weird one. About a month ago, my laptop (Toshiba Satellite, AMD8 Win10) suddenly stopped connecting to the internet. WiFi, Ethernet, nothing worked! Troubleshooter couldn't find the problem, command prompts didn't help (admittedly I didn't know much of what I was doing...
  16. J

    Should I upgrade Malware-bytes or Avast...?

    Hi! I currently run Avast and Malware-bytes together, just from briefly researching that it's the best thing to do...being secure online, etc. I'm wondering though if I should pay / upgrade for one, or the other...or are they both worth upgrading?! Need some advice. Thanks
  17. M

    Could Avast freeze my PC as soon as I work in Word?

    Dear person! Around March 15, Microsoft Update installed a lot of new files, Avast installed a new version of the program and Skype updated itself. Since then, Working in Word had become hell. My PC would freeze after ten minutes, every time. Sometimes Word crashed or Windows crashed. This is...
  18. P


    When I download the Soundflower app from the site, and try to install it, Avast throws up 2 files that it kicks out because it says they are infections. Can you tell me if these are truly infections or false positives? Thank you Peg
  19. F

    Crash Locked Drive. Attempted Fix made it worse

    At this point I'm not certain the damage can be undone. Had multiple crashes through out the year with my drives being locked. Wasn't sure what kept causing it but believe its my antivirus. Been able to fix it last two times with minimum data lost. This time I can't seem to unlock the drive and...
  20. T

    Can the avast firewall interfere with hamachi

    so my Hamachi stopped working and then I tried all the different networking fixes and none of them work so then I tried to use it on a different computer also has the Avast firewall installed and it still didn't work so that leads me to think that maybe the Avast firewall might be what's wrong...