1. I

    Avira Installation Issues

    Hi I downloaded the latest version of Avira as suggested by Webuser magazine (using the link they printed in the magazine) as they said they had concerns about the fact that Avast (which I'm currently using) had sold users data to other companies. I realise that if they've sold my data, they've...
  2. C

    avipbb.sys (Avira anti-virus) causing a blue screen

    Hello, I'm using Windows 8, and have had Avira free anti virus for a few years now. Recently I started experiencing a problem: While leaving the computer unattended for a few minutes, I sometimes get a blue screen with the following error: " Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart...
  3. R

    Solved Avira Blocking autoruns

    I'm using Avira Connect & Avira AntiVirus (free Version). I have several different manufactures USB drives & the autoruns bring in the various icons for the different drives. I set the configuration in Avira to not block autoruns, but that does not work. On a second issue, I put a registry hack...
  4. CaptainCrape

    New Odd adware not being detected by Malwarebytes or Avira

    For a little while now I have had an Adware problem, though it seems to have gotten worse recently. I have run multiple scans with Avira and Malwarebytes but so far nothing has been detected. I have also looked over my list of programs and it seems to be fine. Below is a link containing images...
  5. C

    Avira suddenly won't start

    Hi everyone, I am in need of urgent help. I have Avira antivirus installed on my system which is Windows XP. Normally Avira works fine, today it is no longer appearing in the system tray and when I click on the icon to run it WON"T Start. I hate being unprotected, so any help to get this...
  6. Jorge102772

    Solved ENGAGE Theme by X-Generator.7z (Avira detection) clarify ?

    I recently replaced Avast with Avira free a/v. Regular monitoring and frequent quick scans haven't turned up much. Today I ran the first full scan and Avira detected 6 files associated with what they call a virus named BAT/KillProc.E batch I looked into the source of the files and they are in a...