1. S

    IP address issue

    Hi, Within AWS, I have a web server running on linux, which is configured correctly and points to the correct domain. However, I have cloned this server so I can have a 'Test' environment of the website, it has its own IP address. When I type this NEW IP address in to the browser, it...
  2. AlwaysBrian

    Arizona WAN showing Irish AWS IP in DDWrt startup logs

    Hello, I have one last curiosity here that I can't seem to find any explanation to. If you've read any of my other questions then you would know that I was dealing with serious network issues at the time of this screenshot. I have a limited, at best, understanding of networking but I can say...
  3. T

    want to create a virtual machine in Australia

    I want to create a virtual machine in Australia. Any guides for that?
  4. J

    Dropbox or Amazon AWS for Streaming?

    Hi, I am developing a membership site for my business. My coder said we can host some mp3 files to be streamed from within the member site on AWS or Dropbox. I'm moderately techy myself but can't seem to find some answers to something. I don't mind paying for a solution so this isn't so much...