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    External Hard Drive advice please?

    Hi, just signed up to TSG so here's my first question from a not very tech minded member so please be gentle? 🙂 Ok so, we've had desktops and laptops for years but naively have never backed up our pics or other docs to any other storage devices other than the odd USB stick for a particular...
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    File History - backup

    Hello, I am using an external hard drive for backing up my hard drive. I back up using Windows File History found in the Control Panel. My question is I have ample space on my external harddrive and would like to back up my other computers on the same hard drive using the same File History...
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    In Progress Where to store files before doing a full format on laptop

    I found that there's a virus on my laptop and it's working slow and lagging and I was told that formatting it would remove the virus with better performance as well. But I have very important files like pictures, videos, and all that and I'd like to know where I can put them so I can get it...
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    WhatsApp Back up (less space on phone + old WhatsApp number)

    Hello! So my phone number got changed two months ago but I have kept my old number as my WhatsApp number. I want to delete WhatsApp for a while WITHOUT wanting to delete any data or starred messages. I have the 'back up now' option on, however, my phone says "Not enough iPhone storage: free up...
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    Back Up hp 2000 notebook w/windows 10 to a WD passport dr.

    How do I backup data on a HP 2000 notebook to a WD passport external hard dr? I have a HP 2000 notebook with windows 10 . I would like to manually back up the data to an external WD passport hard drive. Need step by step instructions.