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    Backdoor on Wifi routers?

    Considering buying this Tenda Wi-Fi router, but came across some articles about there being hacker back doors is there any way to secure it? What would be a safe...
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    In Progress Backdoor:PHP/WebShell.A

    Greetings A few days ago Windows Defender detected Backdoor: PHP/Webshell.A on my computer (Windows 10 Home 64bit) and immediately put it in quarantaine. I have scanned the system with Windows Defender, Microsoft Support Emergency Response Tool and I have also let loose Malwarebytes on it. No...
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    Solved Backdoor.hupigon Removal by Reinstalling the System

    I just found out(by a random system scan I conducted) that my personal desktop has been infected by a spyware called backdoor.hupigon. (from a certain game client that I tried to download 2 weeks ago. I don't even remember any download started) My BitDefender Total Security did not offer me any...