1. E

    Cannot remove yellow colour

    Hey guys, I downloaded a free template from internet, because it looked nice and want to work further on it. However behind every letter, there is a yellow colour and I can't find any way to remove it. I tried the text colour, text highlight colour and nothing is working for me. Also I tried...
  2. R

    Solved Windows 10 backgrounds same on 2 computers automatic!

    I have noticed when I change the background on my Windows 10 desktop computer my background on my laptop also running Windows 10 automatically changes to the same background image. This is not a big deal but just wondering if it has anything to do with both having the Microsoft account.
  3. A

    Internet Stream set to Windows 10 desktop background?

    I have been searching around for a way to set this up in Windows 10 with no luck so far. I am trying to use a online cam stream such as EarthCam and take the feed and use it as a live animated Windows 10 desktop background. From what i have read this was much easier in previous versions of...
  4. SmilingText

    Headphones: Can only hear background music

    What I'm trying to do: Fix my headphone sound/set-up on Windows 7. Can only hear background music on them on this specific PC. No voices on music videos. Headphones work great on other devices such as my laptop, my phone, and other phones. I thought "maybe Sony headphones aren't compatible...
  5. J

    Questions about Reverse phone number lookup (Cell Phone)

    Hello, Does anyone know a reliable and legitimate reverse number service that can find out the name of a person (Phone owner) that has called and/or sent a text from a cell or mobile phone ? All of the free ones I found will not give a name unless you pay them. I don't mind paying a small one...