backup and recovery

  1. O

    Copying Symlinks to a server

    I'm trying to copy Symlinks from Windows 10 to Nas...... the path to a network location (\\nas\folder)changed but still symlinks not copied correctly. file names and directories only copied, but the new symlinks don't point to the correct path and the files are blank give us ( 0 bytes) . I...
  2. Ipurerican

    Solved Macrium Reflect Bootable Disk

    If you create a boot disk from Macrium Reflect, can you use it on multiple computers or do you have to create a boot disk for each computer?
  3. S

    How do I back up an android tablet while it is in recovery mode

    My Nexus 7 is in bootloop and it can go onto android diagnostics (the android with its stomach open and some options) and I want to back it up before I factory reset. I don't have TWRP preinstalled and I don't have any backup programs preinstalled. I am unsure if it is rooted but I think it is ...
  4. D

    Can't Install Restore Plus! Disk On An HP/Compaq Machine

    Hi Folks, I'm new here so please excuse any mistakes. I recently was working for an attorney and he has two small form factor HP/Compaq computers running XP Pro. On one of them, I was getting an imminent failure of the hard drive message. So using HP Backup and Recovery, I made a set of 4...