1. MusicManiac

    Is it ok to use a Seagate Skyhawk HDD on a Gaming PC?

    Hi, I just bought a Skyhawk 4TB Hard Disk but after looking it up online, I am perplexed weather to use it or return it. I need it since I don't have any other options available. My PC is running on 240GB SSD, and I am planning use it as a gaming and software drive. I do Illustrations on...
  2. D

    Seagate Barracuda HDD Crash?

    I have a Segate Barracuda 250GB internal desktop drive that I bought an enclosure for to use it as an external drive. Up until recently it has been spinning up like normal and allowing me to read and write data on/to it. Suddenly, the drive no longer spins up. Thinking it was an error of the...