1. mohittomar13

    Cron not playing sound from script

    I got a script from the net and made some modifications to it so that I can get alerts when battery percentage falls under 15% charge. The script works perfectly when I run it from terminal and also plays sound but when I runt it using corn scheduling it doesn't play the sound. I'm including the...
  2. mohittomar13

    Unable to delete useless commands from ~/.bash_history

    I wanted to delete commands that are common (such as pwd, ls -l, cd, ) and keep the ones that I might forget how to use. To do this I ran the following commands history | grep "cd$" | cut -c 1-5 > ~/sandboxArea/histDelTemp.txt cntr=0; for i in $(cat ~/sandboxArea/histDelTemp.txt); do var=`expr...
  3. M

    Bash command line

    I have activated the bash command line on my Windows 8 laptop. When I open it and try to type something it immediately closes. What's the problem?
  4. A

    Permissions denied using Bash

    I'm trying to install the Django Web Framework for Python using Bash (a Linux style command line), but when I use Bash to navigate to the empty directory that I want to install it in (C/Program Files/Django), it isn't able to do anything because permission is denied. However, I've already set...
  5. D

    Check_mk/nagios intergration with OmniTracker

    I have check_mk server as monitoring solution,and we are planing to introduce Omnitracker as ticketing solutions. Can anyone give me a python or bash example for creating/transfering incidents from check_mk server (Centos7) to Omnitracker (via Web Service) Just examples to get me going...