1. C

    Command doesn't work from a .cmd file

    This command works in a terminal, but if I save it in a .cmd, it doesn't show size in Mb : For %%_ in ("C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\Windows.edb") DO @(Set /a size= %%~z_ / 1048576 &Echo. Mb %computerName% _ %%~nxt_)>>D:\out.txt
  2. R

    There is about 30000 directories on my desktop

    My friends launched a batch file on ,my windows computer with his USB key. He explained to me that this batch file loop and create a lot of folder on my desktop. After that I tried to remove them by using the windows terminal. I failed. I can't delete them manually, because i can't open the...
  3. openreel

    Batch Creating Folders and Moving Files to Those Folders

    Dear forum members, I have many files having the filenames in Japanese in Kanji and Kana (the files with the same name are more than one). What I need is a software/tool that capable of: "Batch" creating folders from that filenames and sorting/moving into the related folders having the same...
  4. G

    Filling CSV, Column A and B with a script/batch file

    For starters i would like to apologize about my bad English, i don't use it that frequently so might have a hard time to express myself good enough for you to understand what im trying to do. I have a .csv file where A1 and B1 will be having constant values, the values are A1 = Name B1 = Order...
  5. Sonata54

    Special need with batch downloading

    I'm hoping someone out there might know about this. I need to batch download a bunch of files from a site, something I've done many times before. In doing so, I always use either GetRight or DownThemAll (a Firefox add-on). I have now run into a problem I've never had before: how to control the...
  6. R

    Folder Management

    Good morning everyone! So my boss asked me to do a program using anything I want(I'm no programmer tho lol). I will try to explain the best I can with the little I know about programming and my brazilian english haha So what I want to do is I have two folders(Original and Copy): 1)The first...
  7. Jorge102772

    Solved ENGAGE Theme by X-Generator.7z (Avira detection) clarify ?

    I recently replaced Avast with Avira free a/v. Regular monitoring and frequent quick scans haven't turned up much. Today I ran the first full scan and Avira detected 6 files associated with what they call a virus named BAT/KillProc.E batch I looked into the source of the files and they are in a...
  8. H

    New Blockhost.bat

    I accidently installed blockhost.bat file. how to undo it since its not letting me reach the website of that company.
  9. T

    Find a specific line in text using batch - Need Help

    Hi there, I recently discovered how to download youtube videos manually by looking at the source code, and searching for specific encrypted url's which contain either the video or audio. I want to make myself a batch file to make this process easier in the future, so here's what I want to do...