battery life

  1. M

    Poor battery life on new laptop

    I purchased an HP notebook 15t last November. I use it strictly for internet and emails. I use it as my desktop by plugging it in to a full size monitor. The first half dozen times I ran it down to about 15 percent to optimize the battery. Since that time, it is plugged in all day and shut off...
  2. P

    Laptop lags, decreased battery life, overall poor performanc

    Hp pavillion. 12GB RAM, Core i7-7500u 2.7Ghz Nvidia Geoforce I've had this laptop for maybe two years. I don't really remember if it was this bad when I bought it or not, but what I do know is that theres a huge decline in battery life. It takes an our or two of light usage to completely drain...
  3. GinnyP

    Battery life is abysmal

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. For months now my battery is discharging way too fast in my opinion. Just now when I unplugged it from the charger, I only checked a few messages and looked something up on the browser which took no more than 3 Minutes but I already was 7% down. Granted, that's...
  4. S

    Help -Galaxy Note 4 - Apps auto update - Battery life

    Good afternoon, I've had a Galaxy Note 4 for the past three years. Love the phone. I noticed a few months ago that Apps were automatically updating. There are some that need approval but the ones that don't, update on their own. This has caused me to have countless push notifications with...