battery not charging

  1. Matt23

    Battery charging issue

    I have an Acer Aspire A515-51G This has AC14B8K battery I bought this laptop two years ago. I primarily use my laptop for coding purposes. But for the past 6 months due to covid, I've spent a lot of time gaming. So now my laptop doesn't charge anymore. (There's a small orange light that gets...
  2. J

    Problems with HP Notebook Battery

    Hello. It's been a while since I posted anything on this forum, but I have one or more related issues with my HP Notebook that I think someone may be able to assist me with: Last year, my HP Notebook began to shut down after about ten minutes or less when it wasn't plugged in. I discovered that...
  3. J

    Battery discharge

    Hello, My battery has been stuck on 8% for days and my Toshiba laptop powers down immediately if it is not plugged in. The battery info in the taskbar says "8%, plugged in" it does not say "charging", "not charging" or anything else. I have tried uninstalling the drivers and then taking out the...
  4. K

    Need to have charger plugged for laptop to work

    I have a Toshiba 2 in 1 laptop and the battery is new but it still won't work without it being plugged in. What is wrong and how much with it cost to fix?
  5. L

    Dell Laptop Stop Charging After a Few Seconds

    My dell laptop has had a few problems recently, including a bad boot BIOS (I think that was what the error said) that made me have to re-install Windows 10 entirely. A week or so later my laptop has now stopped charging. It runs fine when plugged into the wall, the battery % doesn't go down at...
  6. A

    Acer Laptop Died and Won't Turn Back On

    So a few weeks ago I was using my Acer Aspire M5 series and it died on me, which isn't that surprising my battery has always sucked, but now it won't turn back on or charge. I've tried different cords, and the charging light never comes on and it never turns on either. Recently when I tired a...
  7. K

    My laptop won't recognize its battery and I don't know why.

    A few months ago my laptop started showing a window that said my battery wasn't recognized. After this if my laptop wasn't plugged in it would shut off in about 20 minutes. Over time it would shut off right after this window popped up no matter how much charge was in the battery. Eventually my...
  8. S

    ASUS ROG Laptop Model: G751JM battery stopped working

    My ASUS gaming laptop's battery has all of the sudden stopped wanting to charge. I have to keep it on charge constantly from it shutting off and restarting over again. I've had this laptop for about 3-4 years now and had no problems with it. I use this laptop to 3D model, make video games and it...
  9. M

    Battery plugged in but not charging

    Hey everyone. Im using a Lenovo G505s. My battery is plugged in but not charging. That's what the icon states. I've read other posts about this but none of the solutions in those questions solve my problem. Whenever I unplug the battery cord my laptop dies. Could my battery be dead and how can I...